I Figured Out Why I Eat Peanut Butter Every Night (Why You Sneak Ice Cream) Even When I Don’t Want To

I am a diabetes health coach and I am damn good at it! That doesn’t mean I have all my shit together by any means. In fact, being a flawed human is likely the reason I am so effective at my job. (READ IT ON MEDIUM.COM)


The Worst Problems with Diabetes are the Least Treated.

Eric was retired military and a first responder at the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York. He was also an uncontrolled diabetic and one of my favorite patients. (READ IT ON MEDIUM.COM)

Nothing! The Second Worst Thing you Could Do About Diabetes...and a recipe to get you started.

As a diabetes health coach, I am relentless about my mission to get people moving and changing! I need minds to change, bodies to change and blood sugars to change. Why not start with a recipe that does that? (READ IT ON MEDIUM.COM)